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5 Reasons to Sell This Spring!

    When selling a house, most homeowners hope for a quick and profitable transaction that puts them in a position to make a great move. If you’re waiting for the best time to win as a seller, the market is calling your name this spring. Here are five re ... [read full post]
published April 24, 2021

Add More Storage with Cabinet Pull-Outs!

It’s wonderful to walk into a home that has lots of counter space, just stretching out like barren land ready for you to populate it with your favorite kitchen gadgets. But even a kitchen with limited counter space can be made so much more useful by better utilizin ... [read full post]
published March 22, 2021

Easy Ways to Make your Home More Pet Friendly

Pets play a large part in many families. While these fuzzy (and sometimes not-so-fuzzy) friends can bring a lot of fun and companionship, keeping pets happy and healthy can take a lot of work as well. One way to keep this under control is to improve the overall pet-fr ... [read full post]
published March 16, 2021

What are Smart Locks?

Home security is important. As smart technologies continue to grow in popularity, an increasing number of homeowners are turning to higher-tech solutions to meet their home security needs. While options like smart cameras and connected doorbells are becoming much more com ... [read full post]
published March 9, 2021

Ready for a Smart Home Security?

As smart devices become more common, it’s no surprise to find homeowners who have opted to upgrade to smart thermostats or replace some of their lights with smart LED bulbs. While gadgets like these and virtual assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are great w ... [read full post]
published February 2, 2021

Got Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn is great with a movie or possibly for stringing around an old-fashioned Christmas tree, but it’s a little less universally loved when it’s applied to the ceiling as a texture. “Popcorn ceiling,” a type of texture that looks a lot more like cotta ... [read full post]
published November 18, 2020

Kitchens, Baths, and Decks: Top Home Selling Points

When it comes time to sell your home, you obviously want it looking its best so that prospective buyers will fall in love with it. This may lead to you consider touching up or remodeling parts of your home to make the best possible impression. If you’re trying to f ... [read full post]
published September 18, 2020

Insight into Interior Colors

  A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place where you escape the chaos of everyday life. But sometimes those sacred spaces get pretty chaotic almost on their own. Maybe it’s clutter that’s overtaking your space, or maybe it’s something far wor ... [read full post]
published August 18, 2020

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then surely windows are the eyes of your house, right? Something like that, anyway. When it comes time to replace those windows, it’s important to make a carefully considered decision before pulling the trigger. Today&rsqu ... [read full post]
published July 20, 2020

Looking for more Space?

One of the biggest problems that many homeowners face is finding enough room to store all of their things. Some seek to solve this problem by adding a shed or other external storage solution, but not everyone has the room to add another building to their propert ... [read full post]
published June 25, 2020

Home for sale at 4145 Saddlehorn Drive, Evans GA

  Take a look INSIDE! 4 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1988 Sq Ft Great Schools Cathedral Ceilings Granite counters  Screened Porch Bamboo & tile floors Only $236,900   ... [read full post]
published May 21, 2020

Public Spaces and Social Distancing

    It goes without saying that no one expected 2020 to turn out the way that it has. The last several weeks have been especially difficult, with businesses shutting down and people needing to stay at home. Though the measures seemed extreme, they were necessary ... [read full post]
published May 19, 2020

6 Ideas for Family Entertainment while in Quarantine!

One of the best things that we can do right now to protect both ourselves and our friends and neighbors is to stay home. Unfortunately, there are only so many times that you can watch Tiger King or listen to your kids sing along with Elsa on Disney+. You need something n ... [read full post]
published May 13, 2020

Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus - COVID-19

How to Protect Yourself    ! Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. More information on Are you at h ... [read full post]
published March 30, 2020

Staging Your Home for the 2020 Housing Market!

If you’re planning to sell your house, proper staging can make a huge difference. It’s important to keep in mind that tastes change over time, though, and the staging techniques that were popular when you bought the home might not impress buyers today. If ... [read full post]
published February 18, 2020

Is wallpaper right for you?

  When you think of wallpaper, you likely picture rolls of material that are plastered or glued in place. Once the wallpaper is up on the walls, that’s pretty much it; while wallpaper can be removed, the process usually isn’t very quick or easy. If you ... [read full post]
published January 24, 2020

Home Equity or Line of Credit: Which is Better for You?

As you make payments against your mortgage, you build equity in your home. This equity can be used to secure future loans, making it easier to refinance your home or cover certain other expenses. Depending on your needs, you might consider taking out a home equity loan or a ... [read full post]
published January 7, 2020

Home Programs Veterans Should Know About

  Veterans sacrifice a lot for this country. To help honor these sacrifices, special programs were put in place to aid vets in getting and keeping a home. Unfortunately, not all veterans know that these programs exist. Even for those who do, they may not realize ... [read full post]
published November 11, 2019

What color should I paint my walls?

Painting your home is a great way to express yourself and let your personality shine through in your living space. The colors you choose for your rooms can really bring them to life in ways that few other changes can. However, a fresh coat of paint can do more than just giv ... [read full post]
published October 16, 2019

Fall Cleanup Tips!

  Periodic home maintenance is essential, both to keep your house looking its best and to prevent problems that could worsen over time. One of the best times to clean up and maintain your home is during the fall, when temperatures start to drop but winter free ... [read full post]
published October 4, 2019

Heating Sources Explained

Unde There are a lot of different options available when it comes to heating your home. Some of them, you’re likely really familiar with, while others are newer options that you may not have heard of. Regardless, understanding how different heating options work is an im ... [read full post]
published September 18, 2019

Price adjusted!

published September 3, 2019

Alexa, Am I Out of Milk? Smart Appliances 101

It seems like everything is getting smart these days. First the phones were smart, then the thermostats. Now you can buy smart lighting, smart locks, smart cameras and even smart little sensors that can tell you when there’s a water leak or a window is unlocked. ... [read full post]
published September 3, 2019

Outdoor Fireplaces "Need to Know"

  Adding an outdoor fireplace can be a great way to liven up your backyard or patio area. Not only do outdoor fireplaces provide a unique visual aesthetic, they can also serve a functional purpose. Even though it’s outside in the open air, the heat produce ... [read full post]
published August 16, 2019

Gardening tips!

If you have plants popping up in your yard that you didn’t plant, your first instinct may be that it’s a weed. You very well might be right; after all, what are weeds except for unwanted plants? At the same time, it’s possible that you’ve got wil ... [read full post]
published August 2, 2019

Location Matters

published July 2, 2019

Custom Built Home For Sale

published July 1, 2019

Water Leaks?

Anything in your home that’s attached to the water supply runs the risk of springing a leak. That also includes anything that drains water away. With so much riding on your pipes and appliances holding all their water inside, you’d think it would be easier to lo ... [read full post]
published April 26, 2019

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s officially spring again, everybody and their great aunt Erma are abuzz with cleaning and organizing advice. We figured it was important to throw our voice into the ether, just in case you needed a different perspective. After all, we’re a little less ... [read full post]
published April 8, 2019

Homeowner's Insurance FYI

Whether you’re buying a house or even thinking about it, you’re probably hearing a lot about insurance and how you need it. But there are so many kinds and you’re not really even sure which ones do what and if you actually need them all. Car insurance ... [read full post]
published April 2, 2019

Smart Homes

Things seem to be getting smarter and smarter these days. From smartphones to smart pressure cookers, anything that can be built with a brain or an internet connection seems to be being bulked up. Some items that are getting brains don’t necessarily make a lot of ... [read full post]
published March 29, 2019

Patio Planning 101

It’s finally spring! Time to break out the grill and the patio set and spend your evenings cooking out under the stars. Except, you don’t have a patio, you have a backyard that’s currently a soppy, muddy mess from spring rainstorms. You’d love t ... [read full post]
published March 22, 2019

5 Credit Mistakes Homebuyers Make

You’ve been renting for a while now and it feels like the timing is right to make the leap to homeownership. After all, your friends are all buying houses and your job feels pretty stable, how many more hints that it’s time to settle down could you really need ... [read full post]
published February 4, 2019

Are you getting a tax refund? Use it for your down payment!

Yes, you can use your tax refund for your down payment on a mortgage loan! One of the issues we find in talking with many is that they don't have the down payment for a mortgage.  A typical FHA loan of $150,000 will require a $5,250 down payment.  The average ... [read full post]
published January 29, 2019

Do inquiries for pre-approved offers affect my credit score?

  Do inquiries for preapproved offers affect my credit score? Inquiries for a preapproved offer do not affect a credit score unless a person follows through with the actual application. Even though someone is preapproved, he or she must fill out the applicati ... [read full post]
published January 15, 2019

How Sweet!

We got this letter from one of our clients.

... [read full post]
published January 11, 2019

Year End Real Estate Snapshot

What a year! The numbers are in and it is surprising.  We see the number of closed sales went down, however, the average sales price went up.  This is great for sellers!  The time it takes to sell the home is also gone down and it means a quick move.&n ... [read full post]
published January 11, 2019

Buying an Older Home?

For a lot of homebuyers, buying their dream home means choosing an older structure that has passed the test of time. These grand places have an undeniable charm about them, with classic styling that can be adapted to nearly any taste. Older homes can be incredible places ... [read full post]
published December 10, 2018

Your Steps-By-Step Guide to Mortgage Pre-Approval

  Let’s talk mortgage pre-approval step-by-step. Step One: Mortgage Pre-Qualification Versus Pre-Approval You probably already have a pre-qualification letter saying that you can probably buy a house in a particular price range, so why isn’t this enough? A lo ... [read full post]
published December 4, 2018

Buy Now or Wait????

published November 29, 2018

Did you know about the VA Renovation Loan?

In our efforts to serve our military clients we search and stay up to date with ways to help!  We were thrilled to hear about this product and how it can help you achieve your dream of owning a home. How the VA renovation loan process works The most important ... [read full post]
published November 29, 2018

Mortgage Basic 101 - Veterans Administration Loan

Veterans Administration As part of the benefits that active military members and veterans receive from the government, VA loans are built on a merit-based system. Career military and those honorably discharged early are generally eligible, but short-term members or Reserves ... [read full post]
published November 6, 2018

Good things to know before you buy a home continued...

Call The Rivera Team for a FREE Buyer's Consultation. Aidel Rivera 706.394.4550 Yolanda Rivera 706.394.4547   ... [read full post]
published October 1, 2018

Mortgage Basic 101 - FHA Loan

Federal Housing Authority The FHA started insuring loans after the Great Depression as a way of helping people get back into owned property. It basically created the 30 year fixed interest mortgage and continues to carefully oversee which homes can and cannot be purchase ... [read full post]
published July 17, 2018

Mortgage Basic 101 - Conventional Loan

Conventional Loan If you’ve heard of Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac, you know the family of conventional loans. These loans are written by a wide range of banks, from your hometown locally owned to the fanciest mortgage broker. “Conforming” loans mee ... [read full post]
published July 11, 2018

NAR Certification!

Congratulations!!!    Augusta, GA, July 9, 2018— Yolanda Rivera, of The Rivera Team with Keller Williams Realty Augusta Partners has been awarded the nationally recognized Military Relocation Professional Certification.  The National Association o ... [read full post]
published July 9, 2018

Mortgage Basic 101

Whether you’re thinking about buying your first home or you’ve been contemplating an upgrade, you probably already know that there are several different kinds of home mortgages, some that seem pretty much alike at face value. FHA, VA, USDA — what doe ... [read full post]
published July 9, 2018

How much People spent in renovations in 2017?

  How Much People Spent on Home Renovations in 2017 ... [read full post]
published July 1, 2018

2017 Market Report

What a Year!  The numbers do not lie.  Increase in sales from 2016 to 2017 in Columbia, Richmond and Aiken Counties. We saw a decrease on days on market.  Homes were getting multiple offers at asking and above asking prices!  Of course we know that i ... [read full post]
published January 19, 2018

Tranquility...Serenity.... This home is for you

SOLD   SOLD   SOLD! Relax and get away from the hustle and bustle!!! Convenient location in historic Jackson. This home is located closed to Kimberly Clark, Savannah River Site, Fort Gordon, and so much more. Beginning with a welcoming rocking chair porc ... [read full post]
published November 3, 2017

Renovated Brick Ranch

SOLD ~  SOLD  ~  SOLD We are thrilled to help our clients sell this home.  They have gone and renovated everything! In a well established neighborhood, this home is conveniently located. ONLY 6.5 miles to Fort Gordon gate 5, 36 Minutes to Plant Vogt ... [read full post]
published October 23, 2017

VA Home Loan Advantages

VA can help you purchase a home at a competitive interest rate, even if you have found it difficult to find otherfinancing. You must have suitable credit, sufficient income, and a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to beeligible for a VA-guaranteed home loan. The ho ... [read full post]
published August 29, 2017

Real Estate Market Report Richmond County

The Market is hot.  Homes are selling and inventory is down.  We need more listings!  Some houses are going under contracts within days and others are selling with multiple offers.  Whether you have been thinking about "moving up or up-sizing or down ... [read full post]
published May 31, 2017

Real Estate Market Report

published May 15, 2017

More on Spring Cleaning

Other rooms to clean.  They are very useful.     ... [read full post]
published April 18, 2017

It's Springtime! "Do you do spring cleaning?"

I got these out of a magazine years ago. I kept them until the page got too worn out.  Several years ago, I spent time making these to share with other ladies at church.  They were a "hit"!  I will give you one room at a time!     &nb ... [read full post]
published April 6, 2017
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